Oct 02, 2001
Pharmaceutical Technology
FDA may adopt new requirements to enhance the safe use of pharmaceuticals and ensure that all US drugs are available when needed.
Sep 02, 2001
Pharmaceutical Technology
Providing prescription drug benefits for senior citizens is a pressing issue for Congress, pharmaceutical manufacturers, pharmacies, and ultimately the beneficiaries of proposed plans.
Aug 02, 2001
Pharmaceutical Technology
The Center for Drug Evaluation and Research is adopting new approaches to how it oversees the development and approval of new drugs and how it ensures the safe use of prescription drugs by the public.
Jul 01, 2001
Pharmaceutical Technology
By Pharmaceutical Technology Editors
Appropriate sampling procedures, proper preparation, and correct instrumental parameters may yield differing, but correct, results.
Jun 02, 2001
Pharmaceutical Technology
FDA's new initiatives for the safe use of prescription drugs try to balance manufacturers' concerns about increased regulations with a low-risk approach to patient safety.
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