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Upstream Processing Whitepapers

Automated Dynamic Light Scattering for Aggregation Detection

May 28, 2013

Promiscuous non-stoichiometric inhibition can be a serious problem when screening libraries of compounds in a high-throughput format. A rapid method of detecting such compound behavior can be achieved using a DynaPro Plate Reader to examine the light scattering properties of a dilution series of known aggregating inhibitors.

Reconstitution of a High-Concentration Protein Drug Product

May 28, 2013

A case study reviews the challenges in reducing reconstitution time of a recombinant protein. The example may provide useful information and practical guidelines for the development of other high-concentration protein drug products.


September 24, 2013

To ensure a long product shelf-life for biopharmaceutical drug products, a stable storage environment is critical. We describe the use of various biophysical techniques as formulation screening tools, to elucidate protein conformation/dynamics.

HarvestClearTM Filtration System for harvest of small-scale bioreactors

May 1, 2013

The clarification of batch and fed-batch bioreactor systems can pose a practical challenge to biopharmaceutical manufacturers due to high cell densities. The HarvestClearTM Filtration System is an automated single-use system designed to optimize clarification of 1L to 20L high density bioreactor outputs, while reducing hands-on time and increasing operator safety.

Minimizing the risk of mycoplasma contamination

September 1, 2012

Mycoplasma contamination can have a major harmful impact on the biopharmaceutical manufacturer. This application note discusses how 0.1 micron filtration can protect cell culture media from mycoplasma contamination without significantly slowing down processing.



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