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Nanotechnology Articles

American CryoStem and Rutgers University File Joint Patent on Stem Cell Platform

April 11, 2014

Biotechnology developer American CryoStem and Rutgers University partner on stem-cell platform technology development.

Analyzing Nano Drugs

December 12, 2013

FDA details efforts to evaluate potential risks from use of nanomaterials in drug products and discuss analytical considerations, impact on stability, safety, and toxicology effects.

25 Years of Nanoparticles: A Look Forward

June 1, 2012

Panayiotis P. Constantinides of Biopharmaceutical & Drug Delivery Consulting on growth of nanoparticle delivery systems.

Revitalization, Reform Ahead for The FDA

January 1, 2009

FDA aims to regain public confidence in 2009.

Big Changes Ahead for Biotech Manufacturers

December 1, 2008

To expand coverage amidst the economic crisis, Obama will be looking hard for ways to cut healthcare costs.

Nanotechnology Creates Opportunities, Challenges for Biotech Manufacturers

November 1, 2008

The FDA and other regulatory authorities are evaluating new regulations to ensure the safety and quality of nanomaterials in biomedical products.

FDA Recommends Development of Guidelines for Nanotechnology

August 21, 2007

The US Food and Drug Administration's Nanotechnology Task Force ( nano_tf.html) has released a report recommending the agency develop guidelines and take other steps to address the benefits and risks of products, including drugs and medical technology, that use nanotechnology.

From the Editor: We All Need Quality Systems Even at the Cellular Level

November 1, 2006

Whether it's for manufacturing drugs, characterizing cell substrates, or regulating new technology, quality systems provide a needed framework.

Regulatory Beat: Nanotechnology Presents Opportunities and Challenges for FDA and Manufacturers

July 1, 2006

Food and Drug Administration is encouraging public–private collaborations to more fully explore the physical and chemical characteristics of nanoparticles.



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