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Legal Forum Column

Legal Forum: Patenting Strategies to Delay Biogeneric Competition

November 1, 2006

In the US, the patent term is 20 years from the filing date . . . commercial product may lose patent protection just as sales are ramping up.

Legal Forum: Putting the "Co" in Development and Promotion: The New Biotech-Pharma Collaborations

August 1, 2006

Wyeth today relies on biotech product revenue to drive approximately 25% of its revenues.

Legal Forum: Literal Claim Scope and After-Arising Technologies

July 1, 2006

The courts regard biotechnology as highly unpredictable

Legal Forum: Drug Product, Active Ingredient, and Patent Term:

May 1, 2006

Only the product that served as the basis of the extension is exclusively covered by the patent during its extended term.



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