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Indian Biopharmaceutical Industry: 2008 in Review

December 1, 2008

A closer look at the past year's development in India.

Contract Manufacturing in India: Is the CMO Model a Viable Business?

November 1, 2008

If Indian biologics manufacturers can establish a track record for recombinant products, enhance quality image, maintain cost competitiveness, and demonstrate technology transfer and regulatory knowhow, they are likely to be in the middle of the next boom in biologics manufacturing.

Pharmaceutical Distribution in India

October 1, 2008

The rapid growth of the pharmaceutical industry in India is yet to create significant changes in the Indian distribution system.

The Visible Hand: Government Supports the Biopharmaceutical Industry

August 1, 2008

What the Indian government is doing to make its biotech sector as strong as its IT sector.

India's Bioinformatics Industry: An Engine for Global Growth

July 1, 2008

The bioinformatics industry is currently one of the fastest growing fields in India's biotechnology sector. Indian IT companies have several advantages in the bioinformation field and can continue to grow their opportunities worldwide.

India's Clinical Trials Market Accelerates

May 1, 2008

Most local and global clinical research organizations (CROs) consider an operational presence in India as key to their overall business plans. India is clearly on course to become the next hub for clinical trials.

Understanding India's New Patent Laws

April 1, 2008

Did the 2005 Patents Act engender a Western intellectual property rights culture in the country?

Biologics Regulation in India

March 1, 2008

India is restructuring its regulation of biopharmaceuticals to help the country's industry compete internationally.

Indian Biogenerics: An Evolving Industry

February 1, 2008

Indian biogenerics could form a major piece of the global biotherapeutics market in the future.



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