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Equipment, processing, and procedures for biopharmaceutical manufacturing.

Challenges in Biologic Drug and Vaccine Delivery

October 1, 2014

Prefilled syringes offer advantages to manufacturers, healthcare professionals, and patients.

Single-Use Bioreactors for the Rapid Productionof Preclinical and Clinical Biopharmaceuticals

October 1, 2014

Fed-batch processes were scaled up from traditional bench-scale bioreactors to large-scale single-use systems.

FDA and NIH Win Award for IP Licensing of Meningitis Vaccine

September 26, 2014

Partnership is awarded for licensing of low-cost vaccine for the treatment of bacterial meningitis.

NIH Funds Tissue Chip for Drug Screening

September 25, 2014

NIH continues funding for tissue chips to be used in the development of therapeutics.

GPhA Supports Restricted Access Bill

September 18, 2014

GPhA throws its support behind a bill to prohibit companies from using REMS practices to deter competition.

Ensuring the Safety, Quality, and Identity of Biopharmaceutical Raw Materials

August 1, 2014

Going beyond pharmacopeial requirements is essential for the quality and safety of raw materials.

Single-Domain Antibodies for Brain Targeting

August 1, 2014

Single-domain antibodies are emerging as credible alternatives due to their target specificity, high affinity, and cost-effective recombinant production.

Stirring the Mix of Single-Use Mixers

August 1, 2014

Single-use products offer options and choices for biopharma mixing.

Applying GMPs to the BioPharma Supply Chain

August 1, 2014

Defining best biopharmaceutical practices is necessary to ensure the safety of the supply chain.



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