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Quality Whitepapers

Cookie Cutter Proteolysis: Achieving Reproducible, Efficient Digestions for Proteomic Workflows

August 27, 2013

Recently, an automated protein digestion platform was developed which accelerates the digestion process while providing exceptional reproducibility. As demonstrated here, it offers complete, reproducible protein digestions in as little as 30 seconds, allowing hundreds of samples to be run per day, and can be adapted to many applications.

Automated Fiber Particle Imaging and Characterization Including Differentiating Fiber Curl from Straightness

May 28, 2013

This application note details how imaging particle analysis automatically characterizes fibrous particles using the actual image and shape in addition to ESD. This allows each, individual fiber to be accurately measured for the degree of curl, straightness, length, width and other parameters, and to be automatically differentiated from each other.



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