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The advantages and disadvantages of disposables, along with cost-benefit analyses, validation strategies, and implementation approaches.

Versatility of a Single-Use Bioreactor Platform for Culture of Diverse Cell Types

February 1, 2009

Are disposable bioreactors effective for cell culture?

An Alternative to the Scale-up and Distribution of Pandemic Flu Vaccine

January 2, 2009

With virus-based production, vaccines can be available in 10-12 weeks.

Disposable Technologies Implementation: Understanding and Managing Risks

December 1, 2008

In new disposables projects, it is critical that engineering, procurement, and operations groups work together early on to manage supply chain risk.

Lifecycle Cost Analysis for Single-Use Systems

November 2, 2008

This article describes a quick method for evaluating lifecycle costs for single-use systems against their more conventional stainless-steel counterparts.

The Environmental Impact of Disposable Technologies

November 2, 2008

Can disposables reduce your facility's environmental footprint? We have compared the environmental footprint of a traditional biopharmaceutical manufacturing facility using fixed-in-place stainless steel equipment, and a facility implementing disposable technologies for cell culture, solution mixing and hold, product hold, and liquid transfer.

Systematic Evaluation of Single-Use Systems Using Process Simulation Tools

November 2, 2008

This article describes the steps required to build a comprehensive model in a batch process simulator for a process that uses single-use systems for buffer preparation and storage.

Disposable Bioreactors for Cells and Microbes

November 2, 2008

Productivities similar to those achieved with stirred tanks can be achieved with disposable bioreactors.

Disposables for Bioprocessing: Making the Transition

November 2, 2008

Transitioning from stainless steel technology to disposable technology in bioprocessing.

The Challenges and Benefits of Disposable Technologies

November 1, 2008

Interview with David Radspinner, director of global marketing & customer applications, bioprocess production at Thermo Fisher Scientific.



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