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Final Word: Riding on the Coattails of US Patients

October 1, 2004

In general, people in other countries pay less for brand-name prescription drugs than people in the US. As a result, some Americans travel to Canada or Mexico to get their prescriptions, and an increasing number are using the Internet to buy drugs from other countries.

Final Word: World Firsts  From the Double Helix to Therapeutic Cloning

September 1, 2004

The US will, beyond doubt, remain the world leader in life sciences for the foreseeable future. However, as with other sectors, bioscience — both R&D and business — is increasingly global. For US researchers and business leaders alike, it makes increasing sense to look beyond the shores of America for both expertise and profit-making opportunities. For many, the principal partner of choice has been — and will remain — the United Kingdom. There are sound reasons for this.

Final Word: Plant-Made Pharmaceuticals

August 1, 2004

There is no current capacity crunch due to increased investments in new facilities.

Final Word: Canada's Landmark Decision: Planting the Seed

July 1, 2004

Commercial embodiments of genetically modified inventions are protected in Canada.

Final Word: PEGylation — A "Sunset" Technology?

June 1, 2004

Recent advances and new applications suggest a favorable future for PEGylation technology.

Final Word: BIO: The Olympics of Biotech

May 1, 2004

Plan ahead to make the most of every opportunity at this year’s BIO convention in San Francisco.



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