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Basic Training

Stability in Biopharmaceutical Storage

November 1, 2012

Patrick Jackson of Vindon Scientific offers key considerations for choosing an outsourced sample storage facility.

Product Characterization: A Primer

November 1, 2012

NIBRT's Jayne Telford provides an overview of biopharmaceutical analytics and their accompanying qualification and validation steps.

Downstream Processing: A Primer

October 1, 2012

NIBRT's Ian Nelligan on what to expect when starting a downstream process.

Upstream Processing: A Primer

September 1, 2012

NIBRT's Ian Nelligan on what to expect when starting an upstream process, including the choice between single-use and stainless-steel bioreactors.

Training the Biopharma Industry

September 1, 2012

Using a competency-based approach to effectively train biopharmaceutical industry staff.

Best Quality Practices for Biomedical R&D

August 1, 2012

Members from an ASQ working group provide analytical methods to enable PAT.

Considerations for Successful Upstream Process Development

July 1, 2012

Selection of the right cell line, culture medium, and bioreactor conditions is key to setting up the upstream portion of the biopharmaceutical manufacturing process.

Creating a Product Portfolio from the Ground Up

June 1, 2012

Mike Clayman, CEO of Flexion Therapeutics, talks about his company's strategy to focus on a single therapeutic area.

Changing Your Business Model

May 1, 2012

BioPharm talks with Tarja Mottram, CEO of Action for Results, on design-for-value concepts, management, and cross-functionality.



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