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Final Word

Supply-Chain Analysis: Solving the Future

April 1, 2011

Supply-chain analytics can lead to increased profitability.

USP Product-Class Standards for Biologics

March 1, 2011

US Pharmacopeia develops and improves its class approach for ensuring quality biopharmaceuticals.

The Powerful Lesson of the GSK–Whistleblower Case

February 1, 2011

Those at the top must walk the walk of uncompromising commitment to compliance

The Case for Insourcing

January 1, 2011

Why this workforce trend is well-suited for pharmaceutical companies.

Public–Private Partnerships: Life-Saving Mechanisms of Action

December 1, 2010

Managing partnerships for the greater good.

Biosimilars Regulation in the US: The Challenges

November 1, 2010

The pathway for biosimilar approval in the US has been set. But are US patients too far behind Europe?

A Quality Culture Can Be the Industry's Core Strength

October 1, 2010

How should the industry educate the public about product quality?

Myriad Decision Places Biotech at a Crossroads

August 1, 2010

In light of the new ruling, patent licensees may want to re-evaluate the strength of their licensed patents.

Industry Input Needed on Bioassay Standards

July 1, 2010

USP is advancing efforts to develop a guidance for evaluating bioassays.



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