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Facility Design

The Impact of Disposables on Project Economics in a New Antibody Plant: A Case Study

December 1, 2009

A case study compares capital costs, operating expenses, and NPV for a new MAb plant.

Speed and Efficiency in Designing and Building a MAb Pilot Plant

March 1, 2009

A close-up look at Pfizer's biotherapeutics plant in Shanbally, Ireland.

Standardized, Hands-on Biomanufacturing Training is Essential

January 1, 2009

The development of a skilled labor force is essential for an expanding biopharmaceutical industry.

Disposable Technologies Implementation: Understanding and Managing Risks

December 1, 2008

In new disposables projects, it is critical that engineering, procurement, and operations groups work together early on to manage supply chain risk.

The Case for Outsourcing Biologics Process Development

December 1, 2008

Four reasons why outsourcing may be the best option, and key factors to consider when selecting a provider.

The Company at the Crossroads. Part 2: Build or Buy?

November 1, 2008

When making critical decisions such as whether to build or buy critical capabilities, companies need a decision-making approach that weighs risks and rewards as a science with adequate inputs, repeatable processes, and measurable results. The method must also accommodate the human factor by encouraging wide participation and providing the kind of neutral decision criteria that satisfies participants about the objectivity of the process.

Biomanufacturing Capacity Quandary

November 1, 2008

There could be a serious glut of commercial scale mammalian cell culture capacity over the next five years. Then again, there could be a significant shortage. It all depends on how things develop in expression technology, the new product pipeline, and corporate strategies.

Connecting the Manufacturing Process to Patient Wellness

August 1, 2008

Manufacturers of biopharmaceuticals can improve productivity by taking patient wellness into account.

SAFC Expands Fermentation Capabilities with Upgrade of Israel Site

October 9, 2007

SAFC (St. Louis, MO), a member of the Sigma-Aldrich Group, has announced a $29-million investment to significantly expand its drug substance capabilities in high-potency biologics at the Sigma-Aldrich facility in Jerusalem, Israel



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