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Facility Design

Facility Design and Expansion: Commissioning for Innovation

May 1, 2006

Once guiding principles are identified, designers can explore the most cost-effective methods for delivering a flexible, expandable site.

Building Automation Systems in a PAT Framework

September 1, 2005

A well-understood, validated, and correctly maintained BAS reduces the chance of a critical room parameter slipping out of specification.

The United Kingdom: Leading the Global Competition for Biotech

September 1, 2005

As a company that performs site selection for biopharmaceutical companies worldwide, Fluor Global Location Strategies has witnessed one country truly distinguishing itself from the competition as a worldwide leader in the industry: the United Kingdom. The global competition for biotech investments has been at a fever pitch over the past few years, with varied results.

Scotland: Leading Life Sciences into the 21st Century

August 1, 2005

Scotland has a ready pool of skilled workers for companies seeking to conduct business in our country.

Final Word: New Jersey: Biotech's Ideal Lab Location

July 1, 2005

As the fourth largest center for biotechnology and life sciences in the US, New Jersey is home to 15 of the world's 20 largest pharmaceutical companies. More than half of all new medicines approved in the US are developed by New Jersey companies. New Jersey is an ideal location because it offers close proximity to the financial markets in New York and Philadelphia, and a highly skilled workforce, strong funding, government support, and academic expertise.

Discovering Value in Outsourcing Facilities Management

May 1, 2005

Your company's job is to make biopharmaceutical products. Managing facilities is a function supporting the main task. General manufacturing companies discovered this long ago, but pharmaceutical producers have been lagging. Once you consider the outsouring of non-core activities like facility management (FM), office services, space planning, and utilities management, you can focus on core business functions that make profits.

Site Expansion: Adaptive Reuse of Facilities

May 1, 2005

Conversion of facilities from one use to another is a positive trend that keeps good paying jobs in local communities.

Increasing Plant Efficiency Through CIP

February 1, 2005

Unfortunately, once circuits are commissioned and validated, optimizing — or even adjusting — them is difficult and rarely done because of the time and effort required for revalidation.

INTEGRATING BMS and PCS Systems in the GxP Environment

February 1, 2005

In most production environments, it is critical to be able to associate historical environmental data with process data.



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