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Articles by Andrew Sinclair

Andrew Sinclair

Managing Director of Biopharm Services

An Environmental Lifecycle Assessment of Single-Use and Conventional Process Technology: Comprehensive Environmental Impacts
March 1, 2014

An environmental study of single-use process technology for biopharmaceutical manufacturing offers a comprehensive examination of environmental impacts across the full process train using lifecycle assessment.

An Environmental Life Cycle Assessment Comparing Single-Use and Conventional Process Technology
November 2, 2011

The authors compare the environmental impact of monoclonal antibody production using fixed-in-place processing and single-use systems.

An Economic Comparison of Three Cell Culture Techniques
February 1, 2011

Comparing the economic feasibility of a typical glycosylated protein.

Implementing Disposables Technology, Delivering Innovation, and Transforming an Organization
December 1, 2010

Sanofi Pasteur's disposables implementation plan is part of a larger evaluation of technology innovation. Here's how they approach it.

Technical and Economic Benefits of Membrane Chromatography During Polishing Steps
August 1, 2010

An analysis of flow rate, load density, viral clearance, and cost.

Disposable Systems as a Platform Technology for R&D and Clinical Supply
August 1, 2010

How a Big Pharma company tackled the move to disposable bioreactors.

End-to-End Deployment of Single-Use Technology in Aseptic Filling of Vaccines at GSK
February 1, 2010

How this Big Pharma company successfully implemented disposable technologies in its manufacturing plant.

Disposables in Rapid Response Manufacturing: The Next Steps
December 1, 2009

Suppliers, manufacturers, and governments must work together to plan how best to develop and deploy disposable systems for emergency response.

The Role of Disposables in Rapid Response Manufacturing
August 1, 2009

Single-use technologies can be configured and installed fairly quickly, but are they ready to handle the urgency and scale of a pandemic?



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