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Articles by Cynthia Challener, PhD

Cynthia Challener, PhD

DoE Provides Benefits, but Preparation Is Necessary
November 1, 2014

Defining critical parameters and processing large quantities of data can be a challenge.

Viral Clearance Challenges in Bioprocessing
November 1, 2014

Challenges remain for virus removal and validation.

Change is Afoot at CPhI
October 8, 2014

New investments, expansions, and company rebranding are discussed at CPhI.

Coupling Light Scattering with Size-Exclusion Chromatography
October 1, 2014

Adding light scattering to size-exclusion chromatography (SEC) can maximize the benefits of SEC.

Challenges in Biologic Drug and Vaccine Delivery
October 1, 2014

Prefilled syringes offer advantages to manufacturers, healthcare professionals, and patients.

Challenges of Protein Aggregation during Purification
September 1, 2014

Careful selection of downstream processing conditions is a must.

Managing Cleaning Validation in Multi-Product Biologics Facilities
September 1, 2014

Developing and maintaining a current master plan for cleaning in multi-product facilities are crucial.

Ensuring the Safety, Quality, and Identity of Biopharmaceutical Raw Materials
August 1, 2014

Going beyond pharmacopeial requirements is essential for the quality and safety of raw materials.

Analyzing Proteins Using SEC, MALS, and UHPLC
July 1, 2014

Light scattering analysis combined with more rapid size exclusion chromatography improves protein characterization.



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