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Articles by Cynthia Challener, PhD

Cynthia Challener, PhD

Ensuring the Safety, Quality, and Identity of Biopharmaceutical Raw Materials
August 1, 2014

Going beyond pharmacopeial requirements is essential for the quality and safety of raw materials.

Analyzing Proteins Using SEC, MALS, and UHPLC
July 1, 2014

Light scattering analysis combined with more rapid size exclusion chromatography improves protein characterization.

Assuring Equivalency of Alternative Lot-Release Test Methods
June 1, 2014

New test methods can provide improved quality and efficiency, but they must be validated to demonstrate equivalency.

Biopharma Moves to Integrated, Single-Use, Downstream Processing
June 1, 2014

Suppliers see challenges to the adoption of single-use technologies for downstream processing as opportunities.

A Sampling of New Tools for Downstream Processing
June 1, 2014

Industry suppliers describe new technologies to facilitate downstream processing.

Novel Vaccine Technologies Meet the Need for Pandemic and Therapeutic Solutions
May 1, 2014

New approaches to vaccine production are targeting rapid supply for pandemic situations and broadly effective therapeutic treatments.

Improving Protein Expression with Novel Systems
May 1, 2014

New human and plant-based expressions systems can enable faster product development and improve quality at potentially lower costs.

Monoclonal Antibodies Key to Unlocking the Biosimilars Market
April 1, 2014

The approval and acceptance of monoclonal antibody biosimilars is necessary if the biosimilars market is to experience real growth.

Advances in Linker Technology
March 1, 2014

The targeted delivery of cytotoxic drugs using antibody drug conjugates would not be possible without effective linkers to connect and then release the key chemical and biological materials.



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