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Articles by Angelica Olcott

Angelica Olcott

Confirming Accurate Particle Counting and Sizing on MFI Systems
February 25, 2014

Micro-Flow Imaging (MFI) provides accurate and sensitive detection of sub-visible particles and protein aggregates in biopharmaceuticals. Confirmation of instrument performance is demonstrated using NIST-traceable polystyrene beads. This application note provides a guide to best practices for handling standards and samples to ensure sensitive, accurate, and repeatable results.

MFI for Particle Characterization of Biopharmaceuticals Today
November 26, 2013

Micro-flow imaging (MFI) is a sensitive, simple and automated method for the routine analysis of sub-visible particles and translucent protein aggregates. This technology provides particle size, count and morphology. Morphology provides the ability to discriminate a wide variety of particle types allowing you to monitor the change in both protein aggregates and other particles over time. This article reviews the application of MFI for monitoring protein aggregates and sub-visible particles in biopharmaceuticals.

ProteinSimple - Comparability study of manual and automated particle characterization using MFI
September 24, 2013

Sub-visible particle analysis for biopharmaceuticals can now be automated with Micro-Flow Imaging ( MFI). MFI provides sensitive detection of translucent protein aggregates and other sub-visible particles. This case study from Takeda describes the transfer of a manual method to an automated format.



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