Enteric Capsule Technologies to Help Fast-Track Pharmaceutical Drug Development

Oct 17, 2017

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Simplifying enteric delivery for heat or acid-sensitive and/or gastric-irritating drugs from early-stage development to commercial manufacturing is a longstanding challenge in the pharmaceutical industry. Conventional methods for enteric coating require a complex process development, scale-up, validation, and clinical / bioequivalence testing. In this webcast, Dr. Jule will review considerations for applying enteric coating, and present about a novel solution – developed through a combination of polymer science and capsule engineering – that provides the industry with a viable alternative to achieve enteric protection without functional (enteric) coating. This rapid-advancement tool can speed development for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) requiring full enteric protection and delivery to the small intestine, and provide manufacturing efficiency through reduced process complexity.



Dr. Eduardo Jule, Director, Pharmaceutical Business Development, Capsugel


Date and Time:

Live: Tuesday, 17 Oct., 2017 | 9 am EDT | 8 am CDT | 1400 BST | 1500 CEST 

After the final airing of the webcast 17 Oct. 2017 it will be available on demand until 17 Oct. 2018. 

Sponsor: Capsugel, Now a Lonza Company

Register Free: http://www.pharmtech.com/pt_w/capsule

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