Fast Locator 2011-2012: Cangene bioPharma

Aug 15, 2011
By Pharmaceutical Technology Editors

CANGENE bioPharma, is a contract manufacturer, providing fill/finish and support services for over 30 years. Located in Baltimore, MD, USA, close to the FDA, CANGENE bioPharma is highly compliant, having successfully passed inspections from numerous regulatory agencies in the US, EU, and Japan.

CANGENE bioPharma’s fill/finish services include:

  • Vial filling (3cc-100cc) - batches up to 85,000 5cc vials
  • Lyophilization (2 x 240 sq ft lyophilizers)
  • Syringe filling – 0.5cc–20cc syringes
  • Terminal Sterilization – with steam

CANGENE bioPharma prides itself on providing outstanding and flexible support to its partner companies. From clinical through commercial launch, CANGENE bioPharma has the experience, knowledgeable personnel and involved management team to ensure our partners’ products proceed from project initiation through manufacturing quickly with an emphasis on exceptional quality.

CANGENE bioPharma provides services to a worldwide customer base, including large, small and virtual pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. CANGENE bioPharma produces products that are distributed in over 50 countries by our clients.

Regions covered:

North America

Outsourcing services provided:

Development and Phase I/II CTM

  • Injectable products development

Commercial Manufacturing

  • Injectables

Analytical Services

  • Chemistry and stability
  • Microbiology