Fast Locator 2011-2012: Celsis Analytical Services

Aug 15, 2011
By Pharmaceutical Technology Editors

Celsis Analytical Services specializes in methods validation and testing for industry offering a wide range of services in analytical chemistry and microbiological testing for compendial, non-compendial, and client-specific needs, plus stability testing and storage programs. And we're up-to-date on ICH and the latest changes to the USP as well as the Ph EUR and JP.

Analytical Chemistry:
Our chemistry department can perform more than 90% of the testing requirements defined in the United States Pharmacopeia (USP) and its counterparts around the globe. We continuously invest in the latest instrumentation, including multiple HPLC, GC, IC and LC-MS/MS plus dissolution and AA. Count on us for your full monograph testing, with confidence.

Biological Sciences:
Our microbiology scientists combine decades of microbiological testing experience in facilities that are equipped with the latest instrumentation and equipment including two Class 100 clean rooms, DiversiLab strain typing System, Vitek 60® Microbial Identification Systems, Celsis Rapid Detection systems and particle size analyzers.

Stability Testing and Storage:
Since the establishment of pharmaceutical expiration dating provisions, we have led the way in supplying the appropriate testing and storage conditions to meet regulatory and customer demands for product and package stability. From photostability to Zone IV conditions, we can handle your stability testing and storage needs.

Regions covered:

Global: Asia, North America, Europe, Latin America.

Outsourcing services provided:

Analytical Services

  • Chemistry and stability
  • Bioanalytical testing
  • Biosafety and product characterization
  • Microbiology
  • Particle characterization