Fast Locator 2011-2012: UPM Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Aug 15, 2011
By Pharmaceutical Technology Editors

UPM Pharmaceuticals® is a Baltimore-based, independent provider of contract drug development, cGMP manufacturing and analytical testing services. We specialize in oral routes of administration with a focus on solid dosage forms. With our commitment to efficiency, timeliness and flexibility, we deliver industry-savvy, customer-focused services. Our scientists have extensive experience with product development challenges such as low dose content uniformity, high dose compressibility and controlled drug release rates. UPM has be helping clients successfully navigate the drug development continuum for the past two decades. Our extensive equipment train, experienced professional staff and our commitment to quality translates into success for each and every project.

Regions where services are provided:

Asia, North America, Europe, Latin America, Japan, & Middle East

Outsourcing serivces provided:

Development and Phase I/IICTM

  • Drug delivery
  • Solid dose, semisolids, and liquids development
  • Process development-small molecule

Commercial Manufacturing

  • Ingredient processing
  • Semisolids and liquids
  • Solid dosage forms
  • Specialty dosage forms

Analytical Services

  • Chemistry and stability
  • Particle characterization

Packaging and Logistics

  • Clinical labels
  • Clinical packaging and distribution