Fast Locator 2013-2014: Cambridge

Aug 23, 2013
By Pharmaceutical Technology Editors
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Cambridge Major Laboratories, Inc.
W130 N10497 Washington Drive
Germantown, WI 53022

Regions served:
North America

Cambridge Major Laboratories (CML) is a global leader in API development and manufacturing to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.  CML produces pharmaceutical intermediates and API’s from early preclinical development through commercial manufacture.  It is our passion for chemistry that has led CML to have an impeccable reputation for delivering some of the most challenging projects, while meeting the tightest time lines.

CML’s reach is truly global. Operating three facilities in the United State and Europe, CML is organized by five key integrated Centers of Excellence; Process chemistry, API Manufacturing, Analytical Sciences, Solid State Chemistry and Quality Assurance.

Our philosophy revolves around R&D and a deep passion for chemistry.  Nearly 50% of CML scientists hold a Ph.D.  CML is well positioned to deliver on the most challenging and complex chemistry projects.  Strong R&D to support early scale up during preclinical development ensures that your molecule will transition into first-in-human studies as smoothly as possible.  CML has the resources to meet your entire clinical and commercial API needs, and we have developed and scaled-up literally hundreds of projects successfully.

Our passion, expertise, and communication fuel proactive solutions in every project.  When you are looking for a trusted partner to help take your molecule from concept to clinic and beyond, look to CML.


Services Provided:

Analytical Services
Chemistry & stability
Particle characterization

Formulation Development & Phase I/II Clinical Trial Materials (CTM)
Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) – small molecule

Commercial Manufacturing
High-potency or high-containment manufacturing (finished drug product)
Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) and advanced intermediates manufacturing – (cGMP, small molecule)

API and advanced intermediates (cGMP, small molecule) manufacturing capabilities
Acetylenic chemistry
Acid chlorides
Amino Acids and analogs
Asymmetric synthesis or chiral chemistry
Azide chemistry
Borane chemistry
Bromine chemistry/bromination
Carbohydrate chemistry
Cryogenics (low-temperature reactions)
Cyanide chemistry
Heterocycle chemistry
High-potency/high-containment API manufacturing
Hydrazine chemistry
Lithium chemistry
Organometallic chemistry