Growth Direct System Workshop

Oct 01, 2013
By Pharmaceutical Technology Editors

Growth Direct™ System Workshop

During this event, attendees will interact with the Growth Direct™ System and applications including sterility, environmental monitoring, water and bioburden testing. Representatives of Rapid Micro Biosystems will discuss technical data, difficult to handle samples, and will review the validation approach. The event includes a live demonstration of the Growth Direct System.

The Growth Direct™ System uses proprietary digital imaging technology that automatically enumerates microcolonies days earlier than the traditional visual plate counting methods. The system captures the native fluorescence (autofluorescence) that is emitted by all living cells. By detecting microcolonies composed of a small number of cells, the Growth Direct test can start to detection microbial growth in a matter of hours with final results in half the time of the traditional, visual methods. Because the test is non-destructive, colonies are available for identification without the need for a re-culture step.

To register for the 17 October event, click on the registration link: www.SwiftPage2.com/survey/2013Oct17EUWorkshop

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