Highly Potent Drugs

Jan 23, 2015
By Pharmaceutical Technology Editors
A draft NIOSH Current Intelligence Bulletin on recommendations for reducing worker exposure to reproductive risks of drugs is available for public comment.
Nov 06, 2014
By Pharmaceutical Technology Editors
Catalent Pharma Solutions announces additional packaging and storage space for highly potent and cytotocix drugs at Kansas City facility.
Oct 15, 2014
Equipment and Processing Report
Manufacturers using highly potent APIs must examine cross-contamination routes and determine acceptable limits.
Oct 03, 2014
By Pharmaceutical Technology Editors
LABOCHIM SpA completes construction on multipurpose high-potent API plant in Milan.
Oct 02, 2014
Pharmaceutical Technology
Advances in solid and liquid formulation techniques are providing more options.
May 15, 2014
PTSM: Pharmaceutical Technology Sourcing and Management
By Pharmaceutical Technology Editors
New manufacturing capacity at the Le Mans, France facility is being used to scale up antibody drug conjugates.
Apr 02, 2014
Pharmaceutical Technology
Increasing potency and growing interest in antibody-drug conjugates are creating challenges for manufacturers of HPAPIs.
Jan 28, 2014
By Pharmaceutical Technology Editors
Novozymes Biopharma has released new study data on extending the serum half-life of albumin in vivo.
Jan 02, 2014
Pharmaceutical Technology
By Pharmaceutical Technology Editors
Roger Hayes of MPI Research discusses highly potent drug development.
Sep 02, 2013
Pharmaceutical Technology
The advantages of using an automated powder dispensing system in a ventilated balance enclosure for efficient handling and effective containment of potent compounds are discussed.
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