Highly Potent Drugs

Jun 12, 2013
Pharmaceutical Technology
The lipid-based method provides a tool for delivery of highly potent, poorly soluble, and unstable APIs. And new in-process capsule printing and shell technologies expand softgels’ applications further.
May 28, 2013
By Pharmaceutical Technology Editors
The South Wales, UK contained-manufacturing operation was built in less than a year using design-to-manufacture and modular approaches.
Apr 24, 2013
Pharmaceutical Technology
Results of an American Chemical Society Green Chemistry Institute Pharmaceutical Roundtable survey found that there is real interest in continuous processing and the use of flow chemistry, but hurdles remain.
Apr 18, 2013
By Pharmaceutical Technology Editors
PIERRE FABRE MEDICAMENT PRODUCTION has 22 years experience in isolator technology for aseptic filling of high potent freeze-dried injectable products.
Feb 27, 2013
Pharmaceutical Technology
Custom manufacturers with expertise in highly potent API production discuss the latest issues and technology developments in the field.
Oct 02, 2012
Pharmaceutical Technology
By Pharmaceutical Technology Editors
Potency is a required measurement to determine the amount of active ingredient contained in a preclinical dose formulation. Assessing potency ensures that the test system receives the appropriate amount of active ingredient based on predetermined specifications.
Sep 01, 2012
Pharmaceutical Technology
Pfizer has two manufacturing facilities in Germany for high-potency manufacturing, respectively in Freiburg and Illertissen. Pharmaceutical Technology's Executive Editor Patricia Van Arnum visited the facilities and spoke to the company about the design and operation of these facilities.
Jul 02, 2012
Pharmaceutical Technology
Companies roll out expansions in manufacturing high-potency APIs and finished products.
Apr 18, 2012
Equipment and Processing Report
The growing use of high-potency APIs is leading to changes in how the pharmaceutical industry looks at containment.
Sep 02, 2011
By Pharmaceutical Technology Editors
Powder Systems Ltd's (PSL's) new GFD™ isolator combines the latest innovation to provide a high containment lab scale filtration and drying solution with the same reliability and benefits as PSL high containment production size filter dryers.
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