Keynote Series on Blockchain, Serialization at INTERPHEX

Experts will discuss information technology including the internet of things, blockchain technology, and serialization.
Apr 18, 2018
By Pharmaceutical Technology Editors

Pharmaceutical Technology presents the INTERPHEX Keynote Series: Information Technology Trends and Best Practices for blockchain technology and serialization to be held on Wednesday, April 18, 2018. The series includes a 1:30 pm session on the industrial internet of things, blockchain, and smart contracts and a 2:15 pm presentation on serialization. The sessions will be held on the show floor at the Innovation Stage and are open to all show attendees.

The Industrial Internet of Things, Blockchain, and Smart Contracts

Within the past year, there have been considerable advances in the industrial internet of things (IIoT) and the use of sensors for logistics and distribution. Some companies are evaluating their use in blockchain-based smart contracts. These contracts would not only guarantee the authentication of a pharmaceutical’s pedigree, but would protect consumers, penalizing carriers for allowing cargo to be exposed to out-of-spec temperatures, pressures, and other conditions. In these presentations, experts will describe recent research into pharma’s use of these emerging IT-based technologies.

Presenters: Bob Celeste, head, Center for Supply Chain Management

Jim Sabogal, Healthcare Leader, North America, T Systems

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Serialization: Moving Beyond Compliance to Value

Within the past few years, considerable progress has been made in serialization. What are the next steps?  How can companies begin to achieve a return on their investment from their efforts so far, and how will the use of standards guide broader traceability efforts in the future? Speakers from industry standards working groups and serialization integrators will share experiences and visions.

Evren Okzaka, CEO, and Aladin Akhawan, Director of Packaging, Supply Chain Wizard will discuss real-world pharma cases that are leveraging the work done for serialization to improve overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and business performance.

Jean-Pierre Allard, Chief Technology Officer, Optel Group and Steering Committee Director, Open-SCS Group will discuss progress that manufacturers and equipment vendors have been making, as well as goals for the future. 

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