LTS Lohmann Therapy Systems Corporation

Dec 03, 2005
By Pharmaceutical Technology Editors
Volume 2005 Supplement, Issue 8

Corporate description

Corporate description Lohmann Therapy Systems (LTS) is a world-class developer and manufacturer of transdermal systems, oral-film drug delivery systems, and adhesive laminate intermediates. The company uses leading-edge technology to manufacture internally and externally developed products on a cost-effective commercial scale. LTS develops products from inception through commercialization—manufacturing laboratory scale batches, pilot and clinical lots, and full-scale commercial supplies in West Caldwell, New Jersey and in Andernach, Germany under pharmaceutical GMP conditions. The company’s partners include many of the world’s successful pharmaceutical, consumer-healthcare, medical device, and diagnostic companies.

Technical services

LTS operates exceptionally large pharmaceutical coaters with pilot- and full-scale pharmaceutical GMP manufacturing. The company has successfully developed and manufactured a multiplicity of high-performance pressure-sensitive adhesive laminates, sophisticated transdermal systems, and dissolvable film systems that provide localized oral, mucosal, or transdermal delivery. LTS develops and uses adhesive systems, including skin contact acrylic PSAs, stabilized silicone PSAs, and polyisobutylene adhesives (PIBs). LTS has experience in coating solvent and emulsion-based adhesive systems on various substrates, including foams (PE and PU), films (PVC, HDPE, LDPE, PP, PE, PU, PC), nonwovens, wovens, foils, tissues, and many others. LTS offers customized product development tailored to meet specific customer needs, as well as toll-coating services which allow customers to produce finished products using LTS equipment and highly skilled personnel from customer-supplied raw materials. The company’s resources include research and development, clinical pharmacology, technology transfer, analytical, regulatory affairs, quality assurance, operations, and product support.


LTS operates two full-scale manufacturing facilities located in West Caldwell, New Jersey and Andernach, Germany. Its state-of-the-art, environmentally controlled, GMP-compliant manufacturing facilities offer mass preparation, coating, slitting, fabrication, and packaging. LTS’s coaters are designed to process (coat, laminate, corona treat, etc.) up to 65-in.–wide substrates with careful drying control in as many as 14 independently controlled oven zones. The company has expertise in handling solutions with active ingredients.

Markets served

LTS offers a variety of adhesive laminates, transdermal systems, and oral film products designed to meet customer requirements. LTS is a global provider serving the pharmaceutical, consumer healthcare, medical device, diagnostic, and other markets requiring pharmaceutical GMP quality and clean-processing capabilities.

LTS Lohmann Therapy Systems Corporation
21 Henderson Dr.
West Caldwell, NJ 07006

LTS Lohmann Therapie Corporation Systems AG
Lohman Strasse 2
WD-56626 Audernach

US: 800.LTS1.USA
Germany: +49 26 32 99 0

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