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Jul 02, 2009
Pharmaceutical Technology
A joint biopharmaceutical manufacturing facility in India by Kenwell and Boehringer Ingelheim ushers in new era.
Jun 11, 2009
ePT--the Electronic Newsletter of Pharmaceutical Technology
Kemwell (Bangalore, Karnataka, India) plans to build a new biopharmaceutical manufacturing plant in Bangalore, India, in a strategic collaboration with Boehringer Ingelheim (BI, Ingelheim, Germany), according to a Kemwell press release.
May 02, 2009
Pharmaceutical Technology
Strong growth in biopharmaceuticals bodes well for contract manufacturing, but the perils and the promises of pipelines remain.
Apr 01, 2008
Pharmaceutical Technology Europe
Biopharmaceuticals are the most rapidly growing segment of the pharmaceuticals market. Developing and marketing biopharmaceuticals are huge roles in almost every major pharmaceutical company's strategy. However, they are extremely complex molecules and are highly sensitive to the manufacturing processes used to produce them. These processes require exquisite control of living production systems, making, without a doubt, biopharmaceuticals one of the most challenging products of any type to manufacture.
Dec 02, 2007
Pharmaceutical Technology
A surge in capacity in contract microbial and mammalian cell-culture is underway to meet rising production needs for biopharmaceuticals.
Aug 01, 2007
Pharmaceutical Technology
By Pharmaceutical Technology Editors
The authors analyze the supply–demand trends for contract biologics manufacturing and the strategies of pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies and their suppliers in the value chain.
Jul 01, 2006
Pharmaceutical Technology Europe
One of the biggest barriers research and academic institutions face is the ability to get discoveries made in the lab into clinical testing. Because only small amounts of drugs are used in these early studies, they represent fewer potential risks for people in these trials.
Jan 01, 2006
Pharmaceutical Technology Europe
Is the lack of finance necessarily spelling doom for the European biotech industry?
Sep 20, 2005
Pharmaceutical Technology Europe PTE
By Pharmaceutical Technology Editors
A CMO in Singapore manufacturing commercial biopharmaceuticals is the result of a partnership between two biopharmaceutical companies.
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