May 2012 Editor's Picks: Products from Koslow Scientific Company

May 16, 2012
By Pharmaceutical Technology Editors
Featured products from Pharmaceutical Technology's monthly newsletter, Equipment & Processing Report

Koslow Scientific Company
Portable tester verifies passivation of stainless-steel equipment

Koslow Scientific Company’s Passi-Flash 3036 portable instrument for passivation testing works with all grades of stainless steel to verify that vessels, piping, and equipment are free from iron particles that can oxidize and contaminate products. The tester resembles an oversized pen and is designed for single-handed operation. It produces a pass/fail signal in less than one second and displays the measurement in millivolts. The built-in memory stores readings for download to a record-keeping system. Portable testers allow users to test equipment on-site, rather than at an outside testing facility, notes the company.

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