Packaging, Labeling, and Distribution Systems

Nov 01, 2004
Pharmaceutical Technology Europe
Packaging machines for new or existing lines are easier to operate and change over than they ever were before. Today's packaging machines also accommodate a greater variety of heights, diameters, finishes, or dosage regimen counts.
Oct 25, 2004
Pharmaceutical Technology
By Pharmaceutical Technology Editors
Pharmaceutical science and technology news
Oct 02, 2004
Pharmaceutical Technology
Stakeholders consider ways to improve printed patient inserts.
Oct 01, 2004
Pharmaceutical Technology Europe
This article examines automated artwork generation, which enables pharma companies to generate validated artwork for their products' packaging. Automated artwork generation is based on a complete set of data stored in an artwork management system. It enables the dynamic assembly of artwork documents, accelerates traditional processes and significantly reduces costs.
Sep 02, 2004
Pharmaceutical Technology
Particulate generation and durability concerns are encouraging pharmaceutical manufacturers to seek alternatives to wood pallets.
Aug 02, 2004
Pharmaceutical Technology
This month's column highlights some of the latest innovations in packaging seen at this year's Interphex conference.
Jun 02, 2004
Pharmaceutical Technology
Comprehensive Web sites, journals, and other sources help pharmaceutical makers find packaging-related data quickly and easily.
Jun 01, 2004
Pharmaceutical Technology Europe
The content and quality of information supplied with drug products are among the most specifically defined areas associated with the products for sale. For patient or drug user, the information is presented in patient information leaflets (PILs) placed in the package. The readability testing of PILs is an important stage in the process of making the texts contained in the summary of product characteristics comprehensible to users, as this article discusses.
May 02, 2004
Pharmaceutical Technology
Drug makers and their suppliers will need good planning and organization to meet the new bar coding requirements for drug products used in hospitals.
Mar 02, 2004
Pharmaceutical Technology
Protecting a product from temperature abuse is gaining importance as regulators seek proof of product stability throughout the distribution process.
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