The Pharma Supply Chain Revolution

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With the mounting external pressures and security of supply concerns, is Pharma ready to lead the supply chain revolution?

Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI), coupled with Electronic data interchange (EDI), integrates your forecast into your vendor’s production plans. Throughout the product lifecycle, allowing your vendors to lock step with your business’s dynamic daily decisions enables:

  • Reduced costs throughout the supply chain
  • Improved lead times
  • Reduced inventory throughout the supply chain
  • Elimination of stock outs
  • Simplified planning processes
  • Elimination of purchasing administration costs and errors
  • Managed risk

With instantaneous feedback up-and-down the supply chain, VMI through EDI is the foundation that will prepare Pharma players for what’s next. 



Brian Garrett, Supply Chain Engineer, MBA, Capsule Delivery Solutions, Lonza Pharma Biotech


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Live: Thursday, 24 May, 2018 at 11 am EDT | 8 am PDT | 1600 BST | 1700 CEST

After the final airing of the webcast on 24 May, 2018 it will be available on demand until 24 May, 2019. 

Sponsor: Capsule Delivery Solutions, part of Lonza Pharma & Biotech

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