Pharmaceutical Technology August 2017

August 2017 | Volume 2017 Supplement, Issue 3
Pharmaceutical Technology Outsourcing Resources Supplement 2017
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By Pharmaceutical Technology Editors
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CMOs must embrace flexibility in their technology decisions and business arrangements.
Research suggests that on-site audits are becoming less meaningful because suppliers are less willing to devote time to them.
Requirements for early- and late-stage trial manufacturing may differ, but complying with good practices, maintaining blind studies, and considering logistics remain crucial at all times.
Eric Jayjock, Patheon’s director of continuous manufacturing, discusses the CDMO’s plans for its new continuous manufacturing business.
Successful development requires coordinating and aligning drug and device design, focusing on a complete drug delivery system that meets patients’ needs.
TraceLink’s Graham Clark, director of contract supplier relationships and cofounder, and Brian Daleiden, vice-president of industry marketing, shared insights into industry’s serialization readiness as well as recent trends and developments with Pharmaceutical Technology.
Advanced digital ledger technologies offer potential solutions, but are still several years away from practical use.
The contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) Aesica Pharmaceuticals has had a serialization program in place for the past five years, and recently installed capabilities for serialization at all its packaging facilities.
Elevating the project management function can improve transparency and enable companies to react faster to internal and external change.
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