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Thoughtleader: Peter Pitts, DrugWonks.com

January 1, 2007

There are lots of politicians, Senators Grassley and Waxman to name just two, who often say FDA is in the pharmaceutical industry's pocket. But anybody that has ever worked with FDA realizes not only is that not right, it's comically wrong.

Pharm Exec Q&A: Inside View

October 1, 2006

Scientists are worried about what they can and cannot say. Senior scientists feel that if they voice the disagreements that are important to scientific discussion, they might have to leave FDA.

Washington Report: After Plan B: Out of the Quagmire, into the Data

October 1, 2006

Pharmacists have applauded Plan B's behind-the-counter status, and FDA hints that the drug might pave the way for more pharmacy-only OTC products.

Pharm Exec Q&A: A Soft Spot for Whistleblowers

September 1, 2006

If I ran the FDA, I'd have a Rose Garden ceremony for all the histleblowers in my agency. No one can know where all the skeletons are buried. We ought to honor every one of those patriots.


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