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Medical Education
Strategy and tactics for sponsors and providers of medical education, with a focus on new technology, compliance, and metrics.

How US Health Reform Is Hitting Canada

April 1, 2011

Canada's Russell Williams, of Rx&D, talks about the impact of US health reform on his role as chief spokesman for the country's R&D industry

Engage the Physician!

March 1, 2011

New research shows that gauging the mind of the clinician is crucial to timely uptake of the new diagnostic tools offered by the genomic revolution

With a Little Help from their Peers

September 1, 2010

Physician meetings drive prescribing behavior, but what are the meetings doctors prefer, and who are they listening to?

Out of the Quagmire

April 1, 2010

Industry needs an effective, unbiased method for funding medical education.

CME Near and Far: Q&A with Frank F. Britt

May 1, 2008

A call to embrace cultural differences and translate knowledge into action

The Art and Science of Effective Medical Slides

November 1, 2007

Most people exhibit characteristics of both visual and verbal learning styles and learn most effectively when information is presented through a combination of the two

Practical Tips for Mitigating Risk

October 1, 2007

Want to keep your medical education program on the straight and narrow? Consider peer review.

Elevate Your Event-Marketing Program

September 1, 2007

Go with the tools that make money, save money, or improve your audience's interaction with your product and your corporate brand.

Meeting Planning: We're Not in Kansas Anymore

September 1, 2007

When it comes to pharma, arguably the most scrutinized industry in the world, meeting planning takes on a whole new importance. With so much at stake, it is imperative for the planners of medical meetings to know the ropes, especially in terms of understanding government-and industry-imposed regulations. How then do you make sure the third-party planners you hire know what they're doing?


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