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Europe: Symons

Nycomed: licensing for long-term success

July 21, 2009

Gerhard Symons asks Dr Carlos de Sousa, Vice President Licensing at Nycomed (Zurich) about the firm's in-licensing activities, and what differentiates it from its mid-tier and Big Pharma competitors.

The million dollar question

March 31, 2009

Gerhard Symons realises that just one simple question can expose complex tensions between short-term profit motive, long-term market building and perception management of the industry.

Towards Pharma-Physician Transparency

March 3, 2009

This month, the Royal College of Physicians wil recommend a 'new covenant' between industry, clinicians and patients. The ABPI's Dr Richard Tiner, a working party member on the report, tells Gerhard Symons why transparency is key.

A True Industry-Academia Model

January 27, 2009

Industry is working more innovatively with academia on 'front-end' drug discovery. Gerhard Symons asks what this entails, and what are the challenges and rewards of this nascent paradigm?


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