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Pharma’s Engagement Through New and Novel Channels

November 18, 2014

The following interview on trends and the state of pharmaceutical marketing is with Jeff Meehan, Chief Commercial Offcer of MD On- Line, Inc. (MDOL), a provider of electronic healthcare solutions that leverage data to improve provider workfow and industry connectivity. But if you’re expecting to read something dry and techie, forget it. The prevalent message and overriding concern of Meehan’s is sensitivity—providing solutions that are responsive to both physicians’ practice and patients’ needs while creating value without increasing complexity. Whoever said technology didn’t have a soul?

Information Avalanche- How Can Doctors Stay on Top?

November 12, 2014

This whitepaper helps healthcare marketers understand the time and information challenges of doctors today. It also outlines a simple way to better communicate with doctors, so they spend less time absorbing medical news and more time applying those insights to their patients.

Hepatic Impairment Studies in Phase I-IIa

November 1, 2014

Innovative patient pharmacology services is a unique scientific/medical and operational model that can be used to conduct studies in patients with hepatic impairment following the same guidelines used in traditional Phase I or Phase IIa trials. This approach has demonstrated proven advantages compared to the standard monitor-based site management model and results in the delivery of faster and better patient pharmacology data.

The Changing Landscape of Branding Pharmaceutical Assets

November 1, 2014

The landscape in which drugs are named is increasingly complex due to rapid changes in technology, consumer expectations and market competition for trademarks. But one of the biggest factors affecting how companies now name their products is change in global regulations. In this paper, inVentiv Health’s Addison Whitney explores some of the factors companies must consider in naming a new product and describes a process for enhancing the likelihood of success.

Physician Employment and the Shift of Influence in Healthcare Delivery

October 6, 2014

As Integrated Health Systems (IHSs) employ more physicians, individual providers are becoming less influential in decisions regarding prescribing and treatment, sales rep access, drug sample policies, and health IT adoption. Download this OneKey report to learn about the implications of the physician employment trend and how to achieve commercial success.

Pharma’s Engagement Through New & Novel Channels

September 29, 2014

Managing disease and enhancing wellness, physicians need data to drive and reinforce behavior and digital tools to enhance patient communication. The key is providing solutions that are responsive to both physician’s practice and patients’ needs while creating value without increasing complexity.

Prescriber Feedback System Generates 60% Lift in NRx

September 15, 2014

Would a 60% NRx increase be a benefit to your brand? With TrialCard’s Prescriber Feedback System, a launch brand in a competitive market helped prescribers gain positive-experience trials.

Risk-Based Monitoring for Late-Phase Research

September 12, 2014

The growing consensus among clinical researchers and regulatory authorities is that risk-based monitoring (RBM) is more likely to ensure patient protection and overall study quality and allows for monitoring that can be more effective than the traditional model of routine visits to all sites with 100% source data verification (SDV).

The Link Between Your Cold Chain and Your Bottom Line

September 2, 2014

A reliable and properly documented cold chain is critically important for pharmaceutical manufacturers. Shipping a product improperly can harm the patient and can also harm a manufacturer’s reputation and bottom line. This whitepaper discusses the role of documentation, details how to protect products, and provides a cold chain shopping checklist.


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