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Patent Attack

April 1, 2005

Contrary to myth, Paragraph IV certifications are not reserved only for blockbusters or high-volume primary care products. Three products under recent Paragraph IV challenges had sales of less than $50 million.

Bridging the Gap

February 1, 2005

An effective, high-performing alliance can generate a stronger bottom line outcome.

Small Pharma's big Win

February 1, 2005

The High Court ruled that Abbott should pay the agreed-on royalty of 5 percent rather than the 2 percent it's been paying. The difference may be worth $392 million

In Sales We Trust

January 1, 2005

The average salary for all levels of pharmaceutical reps is $62,400 with another $19,300 in cash bonuses, up from a base salary of $53,800 in 2001.


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