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Washington Report: Innovation, Coverage, and Costs

June 1, 2013

The backlash against high prices for new medicines will impact research, patent exclusivity, and drug benefits.

When Gurus Get It Wrong

June 1, 2013

Despite their high status, management gurus aren't always on point when it comes to pharma, writes John Ansell.

European Biotech Struggles to Thrive

May 6, 2013

While not as bleak as believed, the outlook of European biotech sector is struggling compared with its US counterpart.

Generic Drug Gains and Grumbles

May 1, 2013

Legal battles and regulatory missteps undermine access to low-cost generics, at home and abroad, writes Jill Wechsler.

Obamacare Will Boost Private Managed Care

May 1, 2013

Public access expansion under the ACA isn't really a "government takeover."

The 2013 Pharm Exec Top 50

May 1, 2013

Patent expiries dampen revenues for some of the biggest Big Pharma, but growth continues unabated for a few nimble "stealth" players moving steadily up the list.

The Big Squeeze

May 1, 2013

New approaches to managing reimbursements for pharmacy benefit programs are testing Big Pharma.

The New Commercial Model Myth

May 1, 2013

Pharma professionals need to find new competitive—not commercial—models to succeed in the competitive stage of the industry's lifecycle, writes Stan Bernard.

2013 Dealmakers Outlook

April 1, 2013

Pharm Exec's annual look at the trends and best practices in biopharm licensing and M&A for the year ahead.


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