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Information Technology in pharma: enterprise management, business intelligence, clinical trials management, sales force automation, closed-loop marketing, and more.

Legal: E-headache

December 1, 2006

Documents from R&D, clinical affairs, regulatory, and sales and marketing can be in the millions. Throw electronic information into the mix, and the number of documents required for litigation increases exponentially.

On the Right Track

November 8, 2006

After decades of disparate attempts to secure supply chains, pharma companies may finally be getting on the same page.

Unraveling the eSource

November 1, 2006

Clinical researchers cannot reliably use many of today's electronic health records because of the variability among collection systems.

Alternative Media: Time to Change the Channel

November 1, 2006

Hospitals don't want straight-up advertising. If a branded program is going to be integrated into a health-education or health-services platform that's offered directly to a patient's room, it needs to have objective value.

Meetings: Before and After

November 1, 2006

Pharma meeting planners should send e-mails, newsletters, and snail mail to bolster attendee interest prior to the actual event.

Smaller is Better

October 1, 2006

New partnerships with nanobiotech firms are helping pharma companies overcome solubility problems and extend profitable product lifecycles.

Alternative Media: Pharma Online: Not Just Black and White

October 1, 2006

To avoid the extra expense, many pharmaceutical companies abandon their Spanish sites when a new general-market campaign is launched.

Public Access

September 1, 2006

When people ask how health seekers look and act on the Web, there's no one answer: The online universe has become just as diverse as the rest of the world. Nowhere is this more evident than in the latest e-health statistics that, when taken together, paint a picture of customers who are beginning to find their feet—and new finesse—online.

Alternative Media: The Download on Podcasting

September 1, 2006

Electronic continuing medical education is one area that is primed for podcasting penetration.


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