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Mergers, acquisitions, strategic partnerships, and product licensing. Plus, strategies and tactics for better deal-making

Pharm Exec's 10th Annual Industry Audit

September 1, 2011

Bill Trombetta surveys the landscape of pharma financials over the past year, and shows which companies rode the wave to the top of the industry in delivering value to shareholders.

Seeing the Fire Behind the Smoke

July 1, 2011

Structuring a good deal depends on understanding your partner—and a high degree of specificity

2011 Dealmakers Outlook

June 1, 2011

With Yankee stadium as the backdrop, Pharm Exec convened its annual panel of eight business development experts to crack the bat on best practice in licensing and M&A for the year ahead.

Filling in the Bigger Picture

June 1, 2011

Part II of The Avoca Group's 2011 CRO survey on clinical development outsourcing relationships

Teva Snatches Cephalon from Valeant

May 5, 2011

Israel-based Teva Industries seals deal to acquire Cephalon for $6.8 billion.

Keeping Your Place on the Nifty 50

May 1, 2011

What do the Pharm Exec 50 numbers tell us? The dominant theme seems to be one of gradual restructuring toward a post-patent-cliff era.

12th Annual Pharm Exec 50

May 1, 2011

Who's taken this year's top spot? Find out in Pharm Exec's annual run-down of the world's Top 50 pharma companies.

White Coats & Suit Jackets: A Coming-of-Age Story

April 1, 2011

The parnership between academia and industry is evolving. Will it keep innovation at a premium?

Tracking the US Market: A Statistical Self-Portrait

February 1, 2011

What are some of the essential characteristics of the US market? Statistics drawn from the 2011 Statistical Abstract of the US shed some light


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