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Delivering the Value Message in the Language of Payers

June 26, 2014

At the heart of the changing healthcare environment are the payers, private and public, who are increasingly empowered to make decisions affecting which drugs and treatments are prescribed. inVentiv Health’s John Guarino explains that the decision-makers’ heightened focus on value demands an overhaul of traditional marketing and messages.

To Optimize the Customer Experience, Integrate Sales and Marketing Channels

June 20, 2014

By creating long-term relationships with health care providers through customized, integrated sales and marketing campaigns, pharmaceutical companies can generate a sustainable competitive advantage.

Seeing Around Corners: Risk Assessment Is the Foundation of Risk-Based Monitoring

June 5, 2014

There is an expectation and early evidence that risk-based monitoring can produce significant improvements in trial quality and productivity. In this paper, inVentiv Health outlines a systematic and rigorous process to assessing risk, using quality risk management principles that will increase the likelihood that your RBM approach will pass regulators’ scrutiny.

inVentiv Health - Seeing Around Corners: Risk Assessment Is the Foundation of Risk-Based Monitoring

May 27, 2014

inVentiv Health - Seeing Around Corners: Risk Assessment Is the Foundation of Risk-Based Monitoring

Max Muscle Sports Nutrition Business System

May 23, 2014

MMSN, 24 y/o company,150+ locations, provides natural nutritional goods and services tailored to today’s health care market. Patients pay 100% out-of-pocket. Stores realize 42-69% gross margins. Locations available. Qualified investors.

Shift Left: Quality Assurance Best Practices

May 12, 2014

Digital quality assurance is more than checking for glitches in the code. Quality assurance is about having a system for effective communications that helps protect the value of your brand. The "Shift Left: Best Practices in Digital Healthcare Marketing" white paper contains practical principles of QA that you can apply to your current set of processes. This paper shows the collective thinking of over 50 healthcare marketing professionals from agencies and leading healthcare companies assembled to put a spotlight on quality assurance and collaborate on solutions.

Cegedim - Top 30 Accountable Care Organizations in the U.S.

April 29, 2014

Under Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), decision making is highly coordinated and centralized to maximize efficiency and reduce costs. ACOs have significant control over decisions related to prescriptions, treatment, sales-rep access, and more. Download this OneKey report to identify the top 30 ACOs in the U.S. ranked by the total number of facilities and participating physicians.

What Would Alexander Graham Bell Think of Today's Contact Centers?

May 7, 2014

Who delivers your brand message to your customers? What technology do they use to create a positive customer experience for your brand? It’s not just about the phone anymore. How can creating a positive customer experience increase your brand revenue?

Elderly Representation in Clinical Trials: Not a Gray Area

May 1, 2014

Typically, clinical trials conducted in adult populations include patients between the ages of 18 and 65. But changing demographics mean such an age range is no longer broad enough. Medical decisions for those over 65 must be evidence based, which means overcoming the current “age barrier” is clinical trials. inVentiv Health Clinical examines the issue and offers suggestions for sponsors focused on improving research by reflecting changing global demographics.


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