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Analytics in Copay Assistance Programs

July 10, 2013

An investment in brand program analytics represents an opportunity for a brand to increase marketshare, manage budget and maximize ROI. Learn more about investing in metrics to maximize your patient access solutions.

Factors and Solutions Driving Commercial Co-pay Assistance Programs

June 5, 2013

The importance of determining the role of commercial co-pay assistance in access strategies and putting programs in place that benefit patients while helping drive value for all stakeholders, including payers.

Rx Risk-Management: Making the Case for FMEA

August 30, 2013

Learn why FMEA, or Failure Mode and Effects Analysis, should be the standard methodology used in pharmaceutical risk-management and how it can reduce the patient's risk at each step of the medication use process.

CFO Research: CFOs on finance- and procurement-process improvement - A report prepared by CFO Research Services in collaboration with Genpact

October 3, 2013

As part of this global benchmarking study on companies’ financial- and administrative-process performance, CFO Research Services surveyed 434 senior finance and procurement executives. Through our research, we’ve found that more than 60% of finance and procure¬ment executives agree strongly that improving their administrative-process performance would yield meaningful financial benefit to their companies.

Genpact and AstraZeneca Reveal What It Takes to Work Together - FIVE KEYS TO SUCCESSFUL COLLABORATION

October 3, 2013

In this report, HfS examines how to build a collaborative partnership, specifically through the lens of an industry prototype that Genpact and AstraZeneca have established together. Neither organization would have been able to reap the benefits of collaboration independently, so they focused on putting in place the right team and functional structure to work together effectively as partners and generate results over time.

Renewed Scrutiny: Drug Discount Program Faces Uncertain Future

October 1, 2013

Even as it is set to dramatically expand, a popular federal drug discount program known as 340B draws fresh scrutiny

Learning to Share - Sharing to Learn: Honoring Patients Through Collaboration and Transparency

June 1, 2013

As more companies move to share their clinical trial information, the likelihood for identifying new medical breakthroughs is greatly increased and the time to market for safe, effective treatments is decreased. This paper outlines the potential value of data sharing initiatives and the hurdles to creating a successful data sharing environment.

Connected CRM in Life Sciences

May 14, 2013

This paper focuses on how customer centricity can unlock significant financial gains for pharmaceutical companies. It briefly reviews the historical promotion model, the factors in the industry that are driving the change, and then goes into depth on what it means to be customer centric and how to implement a customer-centric model.

Improving Clinical Operations with Digital Signatures

November 1, 2011

The majority of large CROs and Pharmas are using digital signatures to speed clinical site initiation, reduce site monitoring reporting costs, and improve audit efficiency. See how digital signatures enable these benefits and others by allowing key players in the clinical ecosystem (site personnel, IRBs, CROs, sponsors) to electronically sign and submit reports and other documents.


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