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EquipNet - Asset Accuracy: Know What You Have and What It's Worth

February 7, 2011

EquipNet - Asset Accuracy: Know What You Have and What It's Worth

Health 2.0: A Game-changer in the Health Care Industry

October 5, 2010

With the growth of online technology and mobile innovations, health information has never been more accessible. Given the constraints of working in a tightly regulated environment, life sciences companies have moved slowly to adopt Health 2.0, treating it as a minor component of their commercial strategies and marketing plans.

Aggregate Spend Management & Disclosure: Complicating Factors and Leading Practices

September 22, 2010

Since 2002, more than 20 states have introduced legislation requiring pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers to disclose payments or exchanges of financial value to physicians and other healthcare professionals (HCPs). While states increasingly pass new and expanded legislation, the federal government is proposing to increase the scale of disclosure substantially. This white paper explores how companies can prepare for 50-state aggregate spend reporting by automating data capture, aggregation and reporting.

The U.S. Health Care Reform Opportunity: Implications and Recommendations for the Life Sciences Industry

May 10, 2010

This report provides a summary of the health care reform issues that have emerged as important to related industries. For life sciences companies in particular, the implications of those issues are examined and a new approach in addressing the government as a key stakeholder is explored.

Management dashboard for clinical trials operations decision making

April 19, 2010

This clinical business intelligence solution from Kalido and HighPoint Solutions helps organizations to effectively track and measure clinical performance, identifying how clinician actions impact outcomes

Managed Innovation, Assured Compliance

May 28, 2009

This white paper shows how to develop, execute and manage the transformation, analysis and submission of clinical research data with SAS® Drug Development. It includes an executive summary that outlines current industry challenges. And, it answers the top ten questions life sciences executives confront when trying to balance innovation with regulatory compliance.

Interoperability and Architecture for the Life Sciences Industry

May 28, 2009

Information technology is finally up to the task of cost-effective clinical research. But there are still some significant barriers to gaining all the benefits of the technology, in particular, interoperability. This white paper explores the need for a consistent industry architecture that allows life sciences firms to connect their enterprises and benefit from unified data integration, process consistency and rapid communication of meaningful drug findings.

How can we streamline late-stage clinical development processes to speed regulatory submissions and approvals?

May 28, 2009

This solution brief explains how SAS solutions streamline and accelerate drug development through better data integration and analysis. The brief explains the features and benefits of the SAS framework and includes a case study documenting the success of a top ?ten pharmaceutical company using the solution.

Business Analytics: Six Questions to Ask About Information and Competition

May 28, 2009

Concise Executive Guide to Business Analytics: Overview of business applications and payoffs, staff and technology requirements, and the roles executives must play to realize the performance potential of analytics. Six key questions are asked about how well information at hand is used to meet goals and innovate in the marketplace.


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