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Best Practices in Digital Journal App Advertising

April 1, 2014

Tablets are revolutionizing the way healthcare professionals access clinical content. Learn how digital journals are leveraging interactive learning to enhance reader experience and usage. Discover the unique advantages of journal in-app advertising. Explore practical tips and case examples that maximize the impact of multimedia content and create meaningful brand experiences.

Finding Feasibility: A Digital Discussion on Identifying Viable Products

March 25, 2014

Ken Phelps, Camargo Pharmaceutical Services president and CEO, sat down withPharmaceutical Executive to discuss identifying and pursuing the most viable products for development. In this Q&A session, Phelps shares his insight on how generics companies are overcoming the patent cliff and how Camargo goes about assessing the feasibility of drug candidates. He explains the success factors in identifying viable products that the Camargo team evaluates and how that evaluation can set the cornerstone of a time- and cost-effective development plan via the 505(b)(2) pathway. This interview will give you an inside look at how pharmaceutical companies and product developers are best preparing for the future and how you can too.

Market Profile of U.S. Oncologists

March 7, 2014

This OneKey report provides actionable insights on oncologists, an important group of specialists treating America's second deadliest disease category. Use it to formulate better marketing and engagement strategies with oncologists.

Global Digital Security: The Human Element

February 28, 2014

The health care industry will be among the most susceptible industries to publicly disclosed and widely scrutinized data breaches. Learn how to protect private data by developing a comprehensive strategy for preventing, preparing and responding to attacks.

Connected Healthcare

March 31, 2014

Connected Healthcare: Adding new pharma brand value by unlocking outcomes measurement with mobile technology, behavior-change programs, compliance programs, and facilitated data exchange.

Reprints at the Dawn of the 'Sunshine Act'

January 28, 2014

Medical journal article reprints provide health care professionals credible clinical evidence that a product works. Read about the new reprint regulations emerging from the Sunshine Act. Learn about newer ePrint formats and discover new distribution channels to get the right article to the right prescriber at the right time.

Top 25 Integrated Health Systems in the U.S.

January 27, 2014

Healthcare delivery in the U.S. is rapidly evolving. As health systems integrate, decisions related to formulary, treatment, sales-rep access and health IT purchases are becoming more centralized. Download Cegedim?s OneKey Market Insight report to identify the top 25 integrated health systems ranked by the total number of facilities and healthcare providers.

The Paperless Future of Healthcare and Life Sciences

January 3, 2014

Download this whitepaper and discover how DocuSign?s eSignature solutions modernize life science organizations by eliminating paper and antiquated signature processes while meeting compliance requirements and reducing costs and errors.

Risk-Based Monitoring: The Key to Optimizing Clinical Trials

December 20, 2013

Pharmaceutical firms and CROs continue to be challenged with meeting industry guidelines set by the FDA and ICH for risk-based monitoring of clinical trials. Read about how the use of centralized and proactive analytics is integral in planning a strategy going forward.


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