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Genentech and Roche May Be Close to Deal

March 3, 2009

All signs point to Genentech acquisition.

Specialty Firms Shoot Down Big Money Bids

February 25, 2009

CV Therapeutics and Genetech rejected offers from big-name suitors. Are they playing hard to get or are they just not that into them?

Stream Power

February 1, 2009

Convert future revenue into present value with alternative approaches to access capital.

Two Become One: Pfizer Acquires Wyeth

January 28, 2009

Pfizer hit hard with the surprise purchase of Wyeth. But will the pharma giant strike out in the long run? Analysts ponder the long and short-term ramifications of this monster acquisition.

Astellas Takes Another Stab at CV

January 28, 2009

Astellas bumped its bid for CV Therapeutics to $1 billion, but analysts doubt the offer is high enough to get the biotech's board of directors to sign on the dotted line.

BMS Tops List of Patent Approvals

January 28, 2009

Big name patent expirations may be looming, but that's not stopping pharma companies from filing - and getting approved for - dozens of new patents. Pharm Exec looks at which companies are getting the most approvals, and how 2008 compared to previous years.

Alpharma Approves King Purchase

November 26, 2008

After months of negotiations and veiled threats, Alpharma's board of directors has sealed the deal with King Pharmaceuticals. Alpharma is now $1.6 billion richer, and King gets access to a handful of new pain treatments.

GSK Bolsters Alzheimer's Portfolio with Affiris Deal

October 29, 2008

Affiris struck a deal with GlaxoSmithKline to develop two Alzheimer's treatments. As part of the agreement, GSK gains a fancy protein technology that could be a boon for future molecules.

Pharma Not as Fazed by Wall Street Turmoil

October 15, 2008

Analysts report that Big Pharma isn't being hit that hard by the credit crunch due to the large amount of cash many companies have in their coffers for mergers and acquisitions. However, smaller firms looking to be sold may have a hard time holding out for higher offers.


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