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Market Access for Specialty Products in Latin America

April 25, 2014

Andrea Sobrio and Dr. Sandra Schoenes examine the market access challenges and opportunities specifically for premium, specialty inpatient products in the LatAm region.

Mission Critical: Assessing Pharma's Drivers of Change

April 24, 2014

Four commercial line executives serve as our jury of peers on what's in store for the future of pharma, and discuss the changing criteria for market success, from drugs to consumer products to vaccines.

Sickle Cell Disease In Three Acts

April 22, 2014

Ben Comer reports on how new pipeline therapies, public research investments, and a renewed sociopolitical focus are working toward a happier outcome for sickle cell disease patients.

Regional Trends in Bioinnovation Investment

April 16, 2014

California's Bay Area and the Boston/Cambridge nexus continue to dominate bioinnovation in the US. Pharm Exec looks at the factors contributing to the strategic dominance of these regions.

European Clinical Trials: The Die Is Cast

April 15, 2014

Politicians and health campaigners are celebrating the final agreement of the EU's new clinical trials rules. But the European drug industry is not so euphoric, writes Reflector.

HBA's Women of the Year 2014

April 10, 2014

The Healthcare Businesswomen's Association honored three female leaders this year. We take an in-depth look at each winner's background and career—and what factors helped push them to the top of their game.

Fixing Wikipedia

April 10, 2014

Will Pharma join a growing effort to make the world's leading online health information resource more relevant to providers and safer for patients? Peter Houston reports.

Obama Policies Reshape Pharma Marketing

April 10, 2014

Health reform initiatives promote transparency, challenge reimbursement, writes Jill Wechsler.

The FORUM Format

April 7, 2014

With a new name and a veteran CEO, Deborah Dunsire, at the helm, FORUM Pharmaceuticals's flag is waving high in the increasingly solitary struggle against CNS disease.


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