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A pharma miscellany.

Backpage: Taking Hold of the Wheel

February 1, 2006

FDA's cautious approach to allowing drug manufacturers to communicate the economic value of drugs is contributing to an already poorly informed healthcare industry, and may be curtailing access to useful drugs.

Backpage: Nailing Down DTC Promotion

January 1, 2006

Arguments over DTC have become more sophisticated, and there is much more middle ground.

How Much Do You Really Know About Pharma: The Answers to PharmExec's December 2005 Quiz

December 1, 2005

Find out how you did on our December 2005 quiz.

Backpage: The Career Coach

November 1, 2005

Recently, a client of mine—let's call her Susan—was offered a job she really, really wanted. It had been an excruciating process with multiple interviews and even a personality test. (In case you were wondering, you can't flunk a personality test as long as you are breathing and haven't hidden the bodies of former co-workers in your basement.)

Backpage: Under Surveillance

October 1, 2005

You hear it often these days: Recent drug recalls have shaken the confidence people place in the pharmaceutical industry. While there's some truth to it, the reality is much more complex.

Back Page: Evolution? It's Not Right!

September 1, 2005

The pharmaceutical industry depends on good science. So what does it mean when a majority of the US population turns its back on one of the fundamental insights of modern biology?

Backpage: Feet-on-the-Street Interview

August 1, 2005

The rep's job is getting tougher. That's the major takeaway from a recent survey of reps conducted by Epocrates. The company interviewed 300 randomly selected reps who had purchased at least one Epocrates product license certificate, asking them how their jobs had changed in the past three years.

Up in Smoke

July 1, 2005

Accept distortions and untruths. Don't try to undo them. The point is not to win an argument; your critics' views are legitimate, irreversible realities. It's time to give the public something new to think about.


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