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Considering Intangibles

October 1, 2005

In order to make the deal work, Argos had to spend a lot of time building the relationship. Taking the time to get to know and trust one another was a key component of Kirin's due diligence process.

An 11-Step Program to Navigating Partnerships

October 1, 2005

In some cases simply contemplating a potential partnership will lead a company to reconsider some of its basic business strategies. That's fine, as long as everyone is clear on one thing: The important goal isn't to make a partnership. The important goal is to advance the business.

Risks and Rewards: How to Protect the Hand You're Dealt

October 1, 2005

Poker has become one on the most popular attractions on television and the Internet, right up there with online auctions. And if the two were ever combined—so that players could auction off their hand early in a game, with several rounds of cards remaining to be dealt—bidders might seek advice from folks in pharmaceutical business development. Because that's what we do. When we buy or sell the rights to a compound in development, we are putting a price on a gamble.

Weathering the Storm

August 1, 2005

BMS' use of investigational toxicology puts it in good stead with FDA, which, under its Critical Path initiative, is pushing for more complete toxicology packages.

Sales Management: Pay-for-Performance

July 1, 2005

After the merger, Wyeth had dozens of incentive plans for several thousand employees.

Legal Forum: Loss Causation

July 1, 2005

Plantiffs did not try to establish a link between the purported misconduct and the decline in share price. Rather, their sole allegation was that they had paid artificially inflated prices for Dura securities.

Eisai's New Leadership

May 1, 2005

I realized that, as president of a pharmaceutical company, I am now a representative of the entire industry. As such, my toughest challenge is listening to and seeing the kind of scrutiny our industry is taking.

Thought Leaders: Playing field in biotech/pharma partnerships levels

May 1, 2005

In the last four or five years—starting in 2000—biotech companies have been able to fund themselves better and are able to do more late-stage development. As biotech companies look toward the future, they do not just want to be research boutiques for the pharmaceutical industry. As a result, pharma companies are accepting the trend towards co-development partnerships for new drugs.

Patent Attack

April 1, 2005

Contrary to myth, Paragraph IV certifications are not reserved only for blockbusters or high-volume primary care products. Three products under recent Paragraph IV challenges had sales of less than $50 million.


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