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Articles by Al Topin

Al Topin

In the Digital Age, Don't Forget to G.O.Y.A
October 22, 2013

Digital devices have made it possible to conduct business without ever leaving your desk. But something is just plain old wrong with that, writes Al Topin.

The Art and Science of Creating Discomfort
September 1, 2013

What does a challenger brand need to do?

The Art and Science of Creating Discomfort: What does a challenger brand need to do?
August 22, 2013

To a marketer's initial effort to get health care providers to switch medicines they use to treat patients, comfort is the enemy. Marketing guru Al Topin describes how beyond creating discomfort, promoters need to create a new comfort zone and strengthen it by identifying unmet needs that the new therapy addresses.

Less Selling, More Time
March 1, 2013

What can happen when reps focus on the physician-patient conversation? Al Topin reports.

The Doctor-Patient Disconnect
January 1, 2013

Doctor-patient conversations aren't always what we think—this basic interaction represents both a problem and an opportunity for today's drug marketers, writes Al Topin.

Agencies and Clients — Dealing with a Break-Up
November 1, 2012

How an agency and client behave after they split speaks volumes about their culture and character, writes Al Topin.

Doctors' Words No Longer Gospel
September 1, 2012

In the digital age, physicians don't call the shots when it comes to healthcare guidance, writes Al Topin.

Marketing: Why the Conversation Has Changed — Forever
July 1, 2012

At its core, pharma marketing is about conversations. Dynamic, persuasive conversations between companies and healthcare stakeholders. But one time it was simple; now it's not, writes Al Topin.

Marketing: Finding that Perfect Pitch
February 1, 2012

A good creative brief takes raw information and makes it come alive, write Al Topin and Abby Mansfield.


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