Articles by Jon Zifferblatt - Pharmaceutical Executive


Articles by Jon Zifferblatt

Jon Zifferblatt

Preparing For the New China
February 23, 2012

China's healthcare reforms are generating uncertainty for its domestic pharmaceutical market, writes Jon Zifferblatt.

Are You Ready for the New China?
June 1, 2011

Foreign investors need the wiles of a tigress as the government revisits the idea of private healthcare

China: Business as UNusual
February 1, 2011

If there is one market that requires a click on the 'refresh' button, it's China. General Biologic provides a snapshhot of what's ahead for Big Pharma in the country

Lifting the Veil
November 1, 2010

A shakeout is ahead as China restructures its murky and insular system of drug distribution


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