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When Marketing for Adherence, Don’t Ignore the Silent Majority
April 1, 2014

The importance of adherence is well recognized by industry, government, and a variety of healthcare experts. But motivating adherence is not always well understood. In this paper, inVentiv Health’s PMG shows how behavioral science, combined with online data and scientific evidence, can facilitate the behavior changes that can make a real difference to individual and public health.

Global Digital Security: The Human Element
February 28, 2014

The health care industry will be among the most susceptible industries to publicly disclosed and widely scrutinized data breaches. Learn how to protect private data by developing a comprehensive strategy for preventing, preparing and responding to attacks.

Successful Strategic Partnering
December 1, 2013

This paper addresses how biopharmaceutical companies are turning to strategic outsourcing to address their business needs because these partnerships lower the cost of doing business, while increasing productivity and efficiency.

Renewed Scrutiny: Drug Discount Program Faces Uncertain Future
October 1, 2013

Even as it is set to dramatically expand, a popular federal drug discount program known as 340B draws fresh scrutiny

Rx Risk-Management: Making the Case for FMEA
August 30, 2013

Learn why FMEA, or Failure Mode and Effects Analysis, should be the standard methodology used in pharmaceutical risk-management and how it can reduce the patient's risk at each step of the medication use process.


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