PharmTech Editorial Advisory Board


Pharmaceutical Technology North America and Pharmaceutical Technology Europe magazines publish contributed technical articles that undergo a double-blind peer-review process involving members of our distinguished Editorial Advisory Boards (EAB). The EAB are specialists representing various facets of the pharmaceutical industry. EAB members review manuscripts, recommend subject matter and answer questions when they arise.



Pharmaceutical Technology EAB


James P. Agalloco
Agalloco & Associates

Larry L. Augsburger, PhD
Professor Emeritus
University of Maryland

Reinhard Baumfalk
Vice-President, R&D Instrumentation & Control
Sartorius Lab Instruments GmbH & Co KG

Rafael Beerbohm
Boehringer Ingelheim GmbH

David H. Bergstrom, PhD
Senior Vice President,
Pharmaceutical Development &
Corporate Quality Assurance
Antares Pharma, Inc.

Gabriele Betz
Head of the Industrial Pharmacy Lab
University of Basel

Phil Borman
Director, DSc
Product Development & Supply
Medicinal Science & Technology
Pharma R&D

Evonne Brennan
European Technical Product Manager
IMCD Ireland Ltd.

Rory Budihandojo
Director, Quality and EHS Audit
Boehringer Ingelheim Shanghai

Christopher Burgess
Managing Director
Burgess Analytical Consultancy

Metin Çelik, PhD
President, Pharmaceutical
Technologies International (PTI)

Zak T. Chowhan, PhD
Consultant, Pharmaceutical

Suggy S. Chrai, PhD
President and CEO
Chrai Associates, Inc.

Roger Dabbah, PhD
Principal Consultant,
Tri-Intersect Solutions

Ryan F. Donnelly
Lecturer in Pharmaceutics
Queens University Belfast

Robert Dream
Managing Director
HDR Company     

Tim Freeman
Managing Director
Freeman Technology

Sanjay Garg, PhD
Professor, Pharmaceutical Sciences
University of South Australia

Filipe Gaspar
Vice-President R&D

Sharon Grimster

Anne Marie Healy
Professor in Pharmaceutics
and Pharmaceutical Technology
Trinity College Dublin

R. Gary Hollenbeck, PhD
Chief Scientific Officer,
UPM Pharmaceuticals

Deirdre Hurley
Senior Director, Plant
Helsinn Birex
Pharmaceuticals Ltd

(Richard) Hwang, PhD

Senior Director,
Pharmaceutical Sciences
Pfizer Global R&D

Makarand Jawadekar
Independent Consultant

Henrik Johanning
CEO, Senior Consultant
Geneau & More A/S

Maik Jornitz
G-CON Manufacturing Inc

Mansoor A. Khan, PhD
Professor & Vice Dean
Irma Lerma Rangel College of Pharmacy, Texas A&M Health Science Center     

Marina Levina
Product Owner

Russell E. Madsen
The Williamsburg Group, LLC

Heidi M. Mansour,
PhD, RPh

University of Arizona
College of Pharmacy

Roberto Margarita
Platform Director
Cordon Pharma

Luigi G. Martini
Chair of Pharmaceutical Innovation
King's College London

Thomas Menzel
Menzel Fluid Solutions AG

Jim Miller
President, PharmSource Information Services
Outsourcing Report

Colin Minchom, PhD
Senior Director Pharmaceutical Sciences
Shire Pharmaceuticals

Cliff Mintz
President and Founder
BioInsights Inc

R. Christian Moreton, PhD
Pharmaceutical Sciences
FinnBrit Consulting

Fernando J. Muzzio, PhD
Director, NSF Engineering Research
Center on Structured Organic
Particulate Systems,
Department of Chemical and
Biochemical Engineering,
Rutgers University

Moheb M. Nasr, PhD
Nasr Pharma Regulatory Consulting

Ian Pearson
Executive General
Derell Consultants

Tim Peterson

Transdermal Product
Development Leader
Drug Delivery Systems Division,

John Pritchard
Technical Director
Philips Respironics

Thomas Rades
Professor, Research Chair in Formulation
Design and Drug Delivery
University of Copenhagen

Jean Paul Remon
Full Professor of Pharmaceutical Technology
Ghent University, Belguim

Rodolfo Romañach
Professor of Chemistry
University of Puerto Rico

Beatriz San Martin
Senior Associate
Field Fisher Waterhouse LLP

Wendy Saffell-Clemmer
Director, Research,
Baxter Healthcare

Gurvinder Singh Rekhi, PhD
Department of Pharmaceutical
and Biomedical Sciences
The University Of Georgia
College of Pharmacy

Siegfried Schmitt
Principal Consultant

Susan J. Schniepp
Regulatory Compliance Associates, Inc.

David R. Schoneker
Director of Global Regulatory Affairs,

Stane Srcic
University of Ljubljana, Solvenia

Aloka Srinivasan
VP, Regulatory
Lachman Consultants

Griet Van Vaerenbergh
GEA Process Engineering

Benoît Verjans
Chief Commercial Officer
Aseptic Technologies

Andreas Weiler
Global Technical Sales Manager

Tony Wright



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